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Changing the scan schedule

Webroot SecureAnywhere launches scans automatically every day, at about the same time you installed the software. If desired, you can change the scan schedule to run at different times.

To change the scan schedule:

  1. Open the main interface.

  2. At the bottom left, click Settings.


  3. In the Settings dialog, click Scan Schedule.


  4. Make sure the Enable Scheduled Scans checkbox is selected.

  5. In the Scan Frequency field, select one of the following options: every day, a day of the week, or when you boot up (turn on your computer).

  6. In the Time field, select an approximate time for the scan to launch.

Note: The scan will launch when computer resources are available, generally within an hour of the time you select.

  1. If you want to change one of the schedule settings, select its checkbox to disable it (uncheck the box) or activate it (check the box). When you're done, click Save All.

    The settings are described in the table below.

Scan schedule options

Scan on bootup if the computer is off at the scheduled time

Launches a scheduled scan within an hour after you turn on your computer. If this option is disabled, Webroot SecureAnywhere ignores missed scans.

Hide the scan progress window during scheduled scans

Runs scans silently in the background. If this option is disabled, a window opens and shows the scan progress.  

Only notify me if an infection is found during a scheduled scan

Opens an alert only if it finds a threat. If this option is disabled, a small status window opens when the scan completes, whether a threat was found or not.

Do not perform scheduled scans when on battery power

Helps conserve battery power. If you want Webroot SecureAnywhere to launch scheduled scans when you are on battery power, deselect this option.

Do not perform scheduled scans when a full screen application or game is open

Ignores scheduled scans when you are viewing a full-screen application (such as a movie) or a game. Deselect this option if you want scheduled scans to run anyway.

Randomize the time of scheduled scans up to one hour for distributed scanning

Determines the best time for scanning (based on available system resources) and runs the scan within an hour of the scheduled time. If you want to force the scan to run at the exact time scheduled, deselect this option.

Perform a scheduled Quick Scan instead of a Deep Scan

Runs a quick scan of memory. We recommend that you keep this option deselected, so that deep scans run for all types of malware in all locations.