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Populating fields in web forms

You can use the Password Manager to automatically populate web forms with form-fill profiles. These profiles contain personal information that you commonly enter in fields, including your name, address, and credit card information.

To create form-fill profiles:

  1. Open Internet Explorer or Firefox. Log in to your SecureAnywhere account by clicking the Webroot icon in your browser's toolbar, then entering your SecureAnywhere user name and password.

    Internet Explorer:




  2. From the Webroot drop-down menu, select Fill Forms, then Add Profile.


    The Edit Form Fill Profile dialog opens.


  3. In the Profile Name field, enter a name that defines this profile, such as Personal Info or My Visa.

  4. Enter as much information as you want in each field. (Click on the tabs for Personal Information, Contact Information, Credit Card Information, Bank Account Information, Custom Fields, and Notes to move between panels.)

    The Custom Fields tab can be used to create fields that aren't listed in this Form Fill dialog. In Text, enter the text from a field on a web page. In Value, enter the information you want automatically filled into that field. (Multiple lines are allowed, but keep in mind that multiple lines can only be filled into a multi-line text box, not a single-line text box.)

    If you want to require a SecureAnywhere master password before editing the form fill information, click the checkbox for Require Password Reprompt.

  5. When you're done, click OK.

    You can now use the profile to automatically fill your personal data in web fields.

Note: You can also view and edit form-fill profiles in the SecureAnywhere website. Log in to and click Go to Passwords.

  1. Access a website that requires you to enter personal information into fields (name, address, credit card, and so on).

    The yellow Password Manager toolbar opens.

  2. Click the Fill Form button and select the profile from the pop-up menu. (If you want to fill only specific fields, use your mouse to highlight the fields before you select the form-fill profile.) If this toolbar does not display, click the drop-down arrow next to the Webroot icon in your browser's toolbar, then select Fill Forms > profile name > Fill Form.


    The Password Manager transfers any information that applies to the fields in the form.

Note: For further instructions, see the Passwords User Guide at Webroot's SecureAnywhere Help and Product Guides page.